Cargo Insurances

No doubt, that “certainty “factor plays undeniable role in promoting international business transactions. Sellers, carriers and buyers , without certainty and necessary guarantees to set off unpleasant financial consequences and incurred accident and up redirecting of this event   which we are witnessed nowadays , we won’t be able to fulfill the business transactions .

Marine cargo insurance that has been introduced prior to the other insurance fields, is able to provide coverage for financial losses pertaining to the commercial goods when risks are realized related to maritime, air and land transportation.

Furthermore, marine insurance will enable banks to provide financial facilities in light of an appropriate insurance, the result of which is billion dollar exchanges as opening letter of credit between the world countries and causes facility in import and export.

To provide more desirable services to Iranian traders and merchants, Isfahan Bitumen’s Insurance Company has tried to provide more facilities to cover expensive goods under clauses of London Institute of Insurers (A,B,C) and Total Loss in import-export, domestic and transit fields. For the risks covered by different Clauses A, B, and C please click here. Total loss of the goods in one step and consequently fire is considered in Total Loss.

Isfahan Bitumen Cargo Insurance Certificate

Isfahan Bitumen Cargo Insurance Certificate

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