Company Name : Isfahan Bitumen Production Co.

Company Type : Manufacturing and Trading Co,.LTD

Year Established : 1983

Range of business : Petroleum Bitumen and Drums Manufacturing

Business Property :  1- Azadi Sq., Isfahan, Iran    2- Isfahan Bitumen Factory, Isfahan, Iran

Legal Representative : Mr. Labbaf

Mian Office : Azadi Sq., Isfahan, Iran

Factory :  Segzi Industrial Area, Isfahan, Iran

Legal Certification of Enterprise :

Issuing Authority: Iran Patents And Companies Registration Office
Registration NO.: 3950

Production : Penetration Grades of Bitumen

Total Capacity : 15000MT / Month

Tons Per Year : 180000 MT / Year

Certificates & Qualification :

Name: OHSAS 18001:1999 ISO 29001:2003
Certificate No: 08-QEOG-01048-TIC
Range: Health, Safety & Quality Management
Reference: International Standards Organization

Iran Hamkar Standard Certificate
Name: Iran Hamkar Standard
Certificate No: 611
Range: Standardization and Quality Control
Reference: ISIRI Institute of Standards

ISO 17025:2005 Certificate
Name: ISO 17025:2005
Certificate No: DAP-PL-4280.00
Range: Testing and Calibration Laboratories Standard
Reference: International Organization for Standardization

Isfahan Bitumen Production Group Co.

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