Penetration Bitumen 90-15

Penetration Bitumen 90-15

Penetration Bitumen 90-15

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Penetration Bitumen 80-25

Penetration Bitumen 80-25

Penetration Bitumen 80-25

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Regional Representative : Middle East


Isfahan Bitumen Middle East Office - Dubai

Isfahan Bitumen Middle East Office - Dubai

Isfahan Bitumen Packing & Drums Manufacturing Co.
Isfahan Bitumen has its own bitumen-drumming factory in Segzi Industrial Zone, Isfahan province, where we are making drums and packing bitumen.

Our producing capacity is 14,000 drums per day with filling capacity of 2,000 metric tones daily.

As Isfahan Bitumen Production has its own factory, its offers are lower than other suppliers.

We are making drums of best quality with NO leakage, which are always approved by international inspection companies like SGS, BIS, ISC, etc.

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Sales & Export Dept. :
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Sepehr Building, Azadi Square, Isfahan, IRAN

Telephone: (+ 98) 313 669 45 33-6

FAX: (+ 98) 313 668 48 89

Drumming Factory : Segzi Industrial Zone, Isfahan, IRAN

Export Manager for special inquiry you may call during office hours on

Ms Labbaf +98 913 200 9367

Research and Development
For more than 40 years, Isfahan Bitumen Production Group has been one of the leaders in bitumen and asphalt technology research.

More recently, our research has been focused on meeting a number of topical challenges, such as:
Reducing emissions and the risks associated with the high temperatures at which asphalt is used
Developing market led solutions to improve the rural and urban environments
Developing solutions to meet specific customer needs


Innovation is one of the most critical capability that successful organization possesses. It stems from creativity and is often defined by the benefits that are produced.

We always try our best to improve the quality of our services by continuously challenging the status in every aspect of our business. We believe in setting our standars to the highest.

Production, supplying and trade of Bitumen and its products and deliver technological and scientific based solutions in the Bitumen Industry to Create Value for Shareholders.

Isfahan Bitumen Production Company with achievement of advanced knowledge and technology, professional and committed personnel as well as the policy to preserve the environment, is both the first top rankings in the region and the top ten rankings in the world for Bitumen production and its products in the next ten years

Company Name : Isfahan Bitumen Production Co.

Company Type : Manufacturing and Trading Co,.LTD

Year Established : 1983

Range of business : Petroleum Bitumen and Drums Manufacturing

Business Property :  1- Azadi Sq., Isfahan, Iran    2- Isfahan Bitumen Factory, Isfahan, Iran

Legal Representative : Mr. Labbaf

Mian Office : Azadi Sq., Isfahan, Iran

Factory :  Segzi Industrial Area, Isfahan, Iran

Legal Certification of Enterprise :

Issuing Authority: Iran Patents And Companies Registration Office
Registration NO.: 3950

Production : Penetration Grades of Bitumen

Total Capacity : 15000MT / Month

Tons Per Year : 180000 MT / Year

Certificates & Qualification :

Name: OHSAS 18001:1999 ISO 29001:2003
Certificate No: 08-QEOG-01048-TIC
Range: Health, Safety & Quality Management
Reference: International Standards Organization

Iran Hamkar Standard Certificate
Name: Iran Hamkar Standard
Certificate No: 611
Range: Standardization and Quality Control
Reference: ISIRI Institute of Standards

ISO 17025:2005 Certificate
Name: ISO 17025:2005
Certificate No: DAP-PL-4280.00
Range: Testing and Calibration Laboratories Standard
Reference: International Organization for Standardization

Isfahan Bitumen a subsidiary company undertakes the responsibility of ensuring our clients worldwide receive packed bitumen of the highest standard in the industry by overseeing the entire process of procurement and supply; from the supply of steel to the mechanized and filling of the drums, to the eventual loading of the vessels. We offer the latest methods of payment to our inland and/or off shore accounts. Our corporation has the ability to generate drums, or purchase specially made drums for bitumen, making it able to stuff 110 new steel drums per each 20 feet container. Our company ensures efficient loading and prompt delivery of high quality drummed Bitumen, Poly bag bitumen or Bulk Bitumen on a FOB basis, a claim which we are proud to make.

Isfahan Bitumen Production Group Co.

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