Bitutainer Packaging is Not Applicable at This Time and Bulk Bitumen with Tanker Trucks Now is Applicable for Very Limited Destinations

Bitutainer or Bitumen Tank :

Suitable for storage and transportation of road construction bitumen.

Unique bitumen transport philosophy and 30% increase of loading capacity.

Max capacity of tank 25~45 (m3),Max weight of tank 4000~7800(kg),Dimensions of tank 6058*2438*2591(mm),12192*2438*2591(mm)Application pressure of tank 0.1(Mpa),Application temperature of tank 250() Furnished at the top with nitrogen valve to prevent asphalt aging As standard transportation of 20ft and 40ft ISO tank container Installed with high-quality heat-insulated device and solid shell Selectable hot oil heater pipe can centralize the system to use oil furnace for indirect heating, or use flues in the combustor or burners for direct heating Pump system selectable An ideal choice for seaway, highway and railway transport .

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