PolyBag & JamboBag Packaging is Not Applicable at This Season

Bitumen Polybags have a great advantage over those of old traditional Iron Drums. By use these bags the the wastage of bituman and that iron drum is prevented.

Comparing with traditional bitumen bucket, it has many advantages:

1. The bag is designed to melt along with the bitumen to form a homogeneous mass at a temperature between 160 and 170 Centigrade, without leaving any unmelted or partially materials.

2. The temperature of the molten bitumen pouring into the bag is 120~140 Centigrade.

3. The bag produces no pollution, and there is no package waste at the end-use.

4. No residual bitumen waste during the end-use.

5. To be Easy for shipping and storing.

6. Much more cheaper than steel drum packing.

Fusible bitumen bag is made of specific and unique poly-alkene compound. Comparing with steel drum and kraft paper package, it’s not only durable but also can be melted with the bitumen.

Overall features & benefits:
Melt Activator
As the end use with the bitumen at melted temperature 160º C~170º C, the Fusible Bitumen bag is not the polluted element but a good melt activator.

Save the Cooling time
No need to wait for hours even one night, no need to be stored on numbers of shelves, only need 1 hour’s refrigeration in water.

Abide High Temperature
The Fusible Bitumen bag is found to be capable of withstanding temperature at 130º C± 10º C in the bitumen-filling process. So the high temperature cannot affect the bitumen’s transportation and storage.

1)Innocuous and harmless bag, environment protection.
2)No any waste of bitumen with the Fusible Bitumen bag, instead of problems on how to remove remained bitumen from steel drum and how to deal with the broken kraft paper.
3)Saving more time and costs on bitumen packing, transport as well as other labor force.

The filling temperature should be ≤140 º C for the road bitumen.
The working house temperature for use should be ≥ 8 º C.
Both the poly and woven bags could be melted completely at 160º C–170º C, while the machine stirred about 20_30 minutes,
If in 20minutes, it means the inner bag could be melted completely at 160º C–165º C only.
In summer, this bag could be piled up at most for 5_6 layers. In winter, it could be piled up for 6_7 layers. Avoid piling too much to affect the quality of bag.
The elongation at break is ≥250%.


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